Blog Management

Blog management is crucial in developing a strong sense of corporate identity, solidifying industry leadership, attracting the right market, and generating engaging buzz for your target audience to consume.

By creating, updating, and managing a blog page, you are giving viewers, users, and customers an easy acquisition funnel onto your site that will certainly increase traffic, and ultimately, your conversions. Blogs should never be considered an afterthought, but instead treated as one of the pillars holding up your digital marketing strategy.

Since websites need new content added regularly, blogs become the best way to achieve that. We have a strong group of SEO-trained writers that produce content intended to support and elevate your brand. By investing in content, and putting conversions ahead of traffic, your business will experience a significant increase in brand awareness, and tangibly higher rankings.


Blog Management Services

GANTYA’s services include:

  • Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly posting options for your blog
  • SEO-optimized posts with targeted keywords, metadata, and outbound links
  • The optimization of your site’s current or past blog posts
  • Partnership prospecting and outreach, or guest blogging

Leverage the Power of Blogger Outreach

As we have developed our blog content writing services within many industries, we now have a solid network of influencers, publishers, and bloggers alike. GANTYA will tap into this network and identify existing partners that may be an ideal fit, or we may reach out to new channels that we believe are a better for our blog marketing.

Content can be created in the form of news updates, how-to articles, and informative industry posts. We can even leverage your existing content. All of these options will contribute to our core objectives of creating a wealth of content that can inform and engage your audience. Our blogging services will be written with the company’s voice in mind to ensure that it is consistent with the message you want to convey online.

Build Trusted Partnerships

Our prospecting process requires a diligent background check of every website. As a blog consultant, we use programs to identify core metrics and see if any flags are raised. For example, if a website has thin content or a short history with search engines, we are inclined to reject these sites as potential partners. Additionally, we do not work with websites that engage in any black-hat tactics or illicit link building schemes. Our process is completely transparent and in accordance with guidelines set forth by Google and Bing.

Peer-to-peer recommendations are becoming more important for brands of all types to break through the clutter of traditional advertising. We have developed a solution that allows advertisers to get in front of targeted audiences in a more organic fashion.



Gain More Social Traction

Social media marketing platforms are essential for distributing content to multiple channels, which is why we also recommend setting up social sharing capabilities for effective blogging management. Together with social media, you can enable new users to find your brand strategically and develop a consistent stream of referral traffic back to your website.

As your blog marketing consultant, our specialists will ensure that we create maximum exposure for the relevant and engaging content we publish, whether it’s a standard WordPress blog, a Tumblr visual hotspot, or a custom blogging platform.