Nutraceutical Design

Get The Right Nutraceutical Design Strategy For Your Products

Nutraceuticals are on the cusp of revolutionizing the medicinal supplement industry, and the risk of your products turning stale due to poor nutraceutical design strategy, is higher than ever. Because of the recent surge of interest regarding health-centered products, the nutraceutical industry can feel saturated. E-commerce companies strive to produce a perfectly optimized website store, but lacking the proper strategy to fortify your listings will result in poor sales performances. Using our ten years of experience in this industry, GANTYA helps companies distinguish themselves from competitors using industry-specific strategy.

What Are Nutraceuticals?

While many definitions of “nutraceutical” exist, most sources agree that nutraceuticals are food-borne supplements, or certain parts of food, that deliver medical remedies for non-specific illnesses. Essentially, nutraceuticals cannot be manufactured for any specific disease treatment. The industry is much less regulated when compared to its pharmaceutical relative, meaning competition is more saturated, forcing nutraceutical marketing to accommodate more creative solutions.

Our Strategy

Our design strategy incorporates the optimization of every company aspect, from the landing page to the specific content applied to each product. Our clients experience full-service, top-to-bottom site audits where our team will identify weak points in your webpage and potential opportunities to increase site traffic. GANTYA’s holistic nutraceutical advertising approach seeks to optimize your overall message conveyed to your customers. Check out our strategy broken down below:

Landing Page:

The fulcrum of all top-performing websites are powerfully-built landing pages that not only offer fulfilling user engagement, but also impart product visions that should resonate with your customers. GANTYA provides expert knowledge in crafting the perfect landing page look, rich with engagement opportunities such as media interaction or contact methods. Typically, landing pages have just ten seconds to capture a user’s attention; our strategy takes each of those seconds into account when producing your optimized page.

Providing Information:

While correct page design is critically important, the actual content that is used to describe your visionary mission, product details, and competitive advantages shouldn’t be ignored either. Ideal text takes the reader on a journey through your product’s life, where they can absorb all information related to your business. Essential to creating convincing content, is providing readers with interesting details that build upon each other and naturally usher the user through your site. GANTYA strives to deliver page-turning content designed to hold customer attention all the way through their conversion process.

Call to Action:

We argue this criteria will either “make”, or “break”, an optimized landing page. The “call to action” is perhaps the most essential element in our nutraceutical design strategy. Once users have completed their pathway through your site, accumulating information in the process, they will be faced with a call to action intended as the final “push” to produce e-commerce conversions. GANTYA believes that even the slightest error in your call to action wording is enough to drive off potential customers from your site.

Now is the time to begin optimizing your e-commerce, nutraceutical business. Since the industry has recently experienced a burst of interest, the marketing of nutraceutical products are beginning to endure dynamic shifts. Logistics, like your entire sales process, can be completely automated using CRM tools we can provide. Keep up with these business industry trends, and allow your products to truly shine apart from your competitors using GANTYA’s nutraceutical design strategy.


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