Print Design

Using print design for your brand may be old fashioned in contrast to modern society; however, despite the growth and effectiveness of online marketing and social platforms, there’s still a need for diversity in your marketing plans. Though some businesses might be able to get away with online work, more traditional business models still require some attention to be given to more traditional advertising. Whether this means taking out an ad in your local newspaper or printing out brochures to mail to your potential customers, it is important that you take the right steps and spend your money wisely.

Print design includes a wide variety of different advertising modalities and perhaps most important among all of these is your logo design. Still, the logo is not the only thing that you need in print. Deciding on utilizing other types of designs such as catalog, brochure or graphic design can be difficult. Rather than doing the guesswork yourself, you may wish to have the assistance of a company specializing in this arena.

Logo Design

Essential for every variety of business today, a logo says a lot about your company. The right logo design goes hand in hand with your branding efforts, giving customers a glimpse of just what your company stands for. When potential buyers see your company logo, they begin to form an idea in their head about what your company stands for. If you are supposed to be a professional law firm, you might want a simple and straightforward logo, one that shows you mean business. Alternatively, if you are running a hip and edgy coffee shop, you will want something more colorful and artistic. You need to remember your identity and keep your customer in mind.


Your Business Cards Still Matter

Some sales professionals and modern business owners seem to be under the false assumption that business cards are an outdated method of advertising. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Since you likely interact with dozens, or even maybe hundreds of people each day, keeping some business cards on hard can be essential to capturing a new lead. Of course, it is true that many people just throw away boring business cards. This is why you need to focus on creating a unique and engaging business card design, which GANTYA will do for you.

Printing Brochures and Catalogs

Another type of advertising that many new businesses neglect, a proper catalog or brochure design can be extremely helpful. This method of print design advertising can be great if you are trying to reach a specific type of consumer that you know frequents a certain location. Simply place your brochures there and they will see them every day. Similarly, brochure and catalog designs are excellent options for companies selling to other businesses, as they allow you to present your company in a way that is easily understood and captures the attention of your audience.

Proper Business Signage

Essential for any local business, business signage will help to draw in that foot traffic you are looking for. Think back to your logo design strategy and imagine if you just took a simple sign and threw your business name on it –that won’t pull in any customers. Instead, designing business signage is a specific artful in and of itself. With the right graphic design and printing, you will pull in those roaming eyes and really capture the right audience. Remember, the key to any type of advertising is not mass appeal, but targeted strategy that attracts qualified leads.

Considering Print Advertising?

Though internet marketing may have taken over as the dominant force in the industry today, there is still some need for print advertising. Whether you are a family-owned business that serves a particular area or you find that you are looking to expand into a new territory and need some local exposure, more traditional advertising can go a long way. Remember, even though internet marketing might offer some new cost-effective avenues to get your message out there, variety is often what leads to the best results.

Get Your Business Moving

Once you decide it is time to move forward, it is important that you find a company that has experience in this area. GANTYA has well over a decade working with print design and our dedicated team of professionals has developed new designs for a wide variety of industries. We will work with you on a company by company basis, helping to develop a unique and individual approach that will fit your specific brand needs.

When it is time for your business to expand into print design and you need help getting started now, contact our design expert right away.