Retargeting and Remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing are two effective digital marketing tools that re-engage visitors after they present initial interest in what you’re selling, with the eventual aim of bringing them back to your site and guiding them through a successful conversion. Though they are similar terms with similar objectives, remarketing and retargeting do have a distinct difference when it comes to strategy.


is the act of re-engaging customers over email with reminders and/or promotions.


is the act of re-engaging customers through targeted ads.

You may hear these terms used interchangeably, or hear retargeting referred to as Google remarketing (and in fact, retargeting is technically under the umbrella term of remarketing). But the distinction is an important one to keep in mind.

At GANTYA, we use both remarketing and retargeting to influence customer behavior and promote your brand, products, and services to individuals who is down enough in the sale funnel to eventually convert. In addition to running your email and digital ad remarketing campaign, we can strategically place targeted ads in front of previous visitors in different off-site location to keep awareness high and promote future engagement. We use email remarketing, AdWords retargeting, search retargeting, and retargeting marketing to support interest, build traffic, and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Why Do You Need Remarketing and Retargeting?

In order to understand why remarketing and retargeting are such critical parts of any digital marketing campaign, you first need to understand why they’re necessary in the first place. Consider that across all sectors in Q4 of 2017, about 77% of customers abandoned their orders instead of making a purchase. For retail alone, the abandonment rate was 76.2%.

Abandonment rates vary among sectors and change with each sales quarter, but the general gist is that visitors are more likely to show interest in your product or service than they are to purchase it. Remarketing and retargeting are strategies to fill in these not-so-negligible gaps and encourage visitors to return and complete their purchase.

How Effective Are Remarketing and Retargeting?

Many businesses are afraid of turning off potential customers with remarketing or retargeting techniques, but statistics show that these methods are incredibly effective for closing the deal on abandoned sales. Case in point:

  •         Email marketing has an ROI of $38 per $1 spent (source: Email Monday).
  •         Personalized email messages, such as those based on previous shopping habits or product interest deliver 6x higher transaction rates (source: Campaign Monitor).
  •         While the average clickthrough rate for general PPC ads is just 0.07%, the clickthrough rate for retargeted ads is 10x that at 0.7% (source: Invesp).
  •         Visitors to your website who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to complete a purchase on your site than if they were not retargeted (source: Invesp).

When you strategically recapture the attention of individuals who have already expressed an interest in your products or services, you tap into an important, conversion-heavy method of keeping their site experience relevant so they come back when they’re finally ready to complete the purchase.

And as for turning off those potential customers with targeted ads and emails? Statistics show that only 11% of consumers have negative feelings about retargeted ads. 30% report “very positive” reactions to retargeting (source: AdRoll). So while you might irk some of your potential customers, you’re much more likely to target a visitor who won’t feel negatively about the ad or email.

Retargeting and Remarketing

Who Should Use Remarketing and Targeting?

In a word: everyone. All websites that have something to sell should be actively looking for ways to reconnect with visitors who have made it far into the digital marketing funnel that they expressed clear interest but not far enough that they made a completed purchase. There’s a lot to be gained from effective remarketing and retargeting strategies, and a lot to be lost from failing to do them.

Just because a potential customer left your website without making a sale doesn’t mean that they have to disappear entirely. If you can master remarketing and retargeting, you can tap into a major part of the market that is already set up to convert on your site.

Increase Your Conversions With GANTYA

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