Video Marketing

Elevate Your Brand Today With Video Marketing

People love videos. Whether it’s television, movies, or more commonly used platforms like YouTube and Facebook; consumers take some time of their day watching a video. We use video marketing for business purposes to boost the productivity of interest and traffic on your site. When used with both well-written content and a well-designed website, a marketed video can improve your business’s chance against competitors. If you’ve been looking for ways to enhance your business, consider video & photography marketing with GANTYA.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Images enhance marketing for businesses, integrating them into a site and social media can make your brand stand out more, increasing the customer’s interest and awareness of your product/service. Which is suggested that you use them on your website, social media, and print advertising.

Nowadays, online video marketing has become almost necessary to capture a consumers attention. This is why platforms like YouTube and Instagram are able to generate so much in advertising revenue and how the top creators are actually able to make a living. Since people are already viewing so many videos online, it makes sense to do the same for your brand.

Creating a Buzz Online

With video content marketing you can make a big impact on your sales and customer engagement. Modern SEO includes the use of videos on your website, the more features you have for the consumer to interact with the better. Like when you use demonstration videos that a customer could be walked through on how to use an online service on your website. Whether you use video marketing on your homepage, youtube, on an app or place it somewhere else online, it will help to improve the traffic that comes into your site as well as increase user engagement. Remember, much of marketing is reaching customers where they are at.

As a video marketing agency, we recognize that a well-made video can also greatly your social media buzz. With the popularity of social media, people share what interests them online, like Pinterest for example. If you can create a video that offers value, whether that be in quality information or through an entertaining presentation, people will want to share it with their friends and co-workers online.

Choosing Your Video Presentation Method

As part of your business success, you likely already have established a brand. Depending on what your target audience is and your brand personality, you might want to approach videos in a few different ways. The right format can make a large impact on how much your video is viewed and shared with others. At GANTYA, we work with any of the following three video making presentation methods:

Cartoon/Creation Animation

Present the message in a creative and colorful fashion.

Static Video with Scrolling Images

A more simplistic way to get your message across while still engaging your audience.

Actual Film with Actors

Having professional film and acting can go a long way.

Regardless of which of these modalities you decide to work with, you can be assured that your end result will be professionally developed and edited to provide just the right company image.

Working with Professionals

When you work with GANTYA, you gain access to a variety of video professionals. Our video marketing company will work with your established brand and help develop a video that will appeal to your target audience. Our video editors and developers have an abundance of experience across a variety of industries, which allows them to develop just the right strategy for your message. From there, it is just a matter of getting that video out there and making sure the right people can stumble upon it.

Getting the Video Views

Of course, you could have the best video, but it won’t do you any good if you lack the tools to get your message out there. This is one of those immeasurable benefits you get from working with a professional video production team, which will help ensure your video gets shared with all the right people. Using the same strategy that goes into other internet marketing endeavors, our experienced video professionals will make sure your new message is optimized from the web and can properly reach the right people. This gets the views you need and helps ensure your content is shared across the web for even greater exposure.

If you feel it is time to create a video for your business or you would like to get a free consultation on how this type of marketing can help expand your business, contact our digital media agency today.